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Tips on learning salsa

Dancing looks so easy when you are sitting watching an artist perform, and you say to yourself “I can do that, what is so great in that.” But trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot of effort involved. Salsa dancing is a great art. It is of Cuban origin. You will be surprised to know the salsa dance helps the circulation of oxygen through your body.

Other than that it also cuts down the calories and thus reduces your weight. What else could you ask for, now you know how to dance salsa and don’t have to worry about your weight reduction? Private Salsa Classes are for all people, and it doesn’t matter if you are beginning or want to improve your skills. In fact, you will find many like you at the dance schools. You will be given the best training because most lessons are conducted by experts.

These institutions not only teach you how to dance but also gives you handy tips and tricks. Firstly use a mirror, while practicing, so that you can monitor your every move and thus giving you better control over what steps you take.

You should also observe other dancers because then will you come to know the mistakes you make, and will also clear in your mind, what you are expected to do. During salsa, you have to move the center of your body a lot, and for this, you need strong abs, you should do a few sit ups before you start. Lastly, try and record your dancing sessions, and review them to improve on the imperfections.

Salsa Tips

Clothes for salsa dance

Wear suitable light clothes to dance in since dancing Salsa can be a lot of exercises and be quite energetic. Avoid any form of restricted clothing, except Lycra or something similar.

Don’t take bags or drinks onto the dance floor and try to dance around them since you can’t dance Salsa if there are obstacles around you. There is too much movement, and either you or your partner will eventually tumble and fall.


Hip movement

Practice your hip movement and synchronize it to the beat and your steps. Salsa will aid keep you fit. Drink a bounty of fluids to keep cool and dodge dehydration. It is not recommended you drink too much alcohol while dancing since it might affect your concentration and it will dehydrate you as well.


Followers must co-operate and stay with their leader’s moves smoothly and quickly and not resist the steps as they unfold. Followers must aid the steps their Leader makes. This makes salsa dancing much easier, and they can also use them as an opportunity to exhibit their stylishness and creativity.

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