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How to Word Certificates of Appreciation

It is important to express appreciation and gratitude for good work done. Whether work is paid or not, appreciation goes a long way in boosting the morale of a worker or any other person thereof, thereby enabling the worker to feel honored and appreciated.

There are many ways of showing gratitude and appreciation with the best way being through awarding Certificates of Appreciation. Like other certificates, these documents need to be worded correctly and accurately to ensure that they contain the right information.

Here are some of the things to note about wording these documents.

Follow applicable guidelines

gddd64When creating an appreciation certificate for an established organization or institution, there may be guidelines or instructions provided by the institution to be followed when drafting such documents. If there are any of these guidelines, you should follow them and ensure that you do not deviate from the provided guidelines and instructions. It is important to understand that these documents are official and as such, should follow the norm used in structuring other similar documents in the organization.

Keep it formal

Certificates of Appreciation are formal documents awarded to persons or groups on behalf of an institution, organization or group. In most cases, you should use only formal language in the certificate, unless when drafting the certificate for an informal group such as a sports team or a dance group. Formal wording enhances a professional outlook of the document thereby making it officially recognizable in other institutions or organizations.

Use a template

It is worth noting that the overall presentation and format of an appreciation certificate are equally important when drafting this document. If there are ready standard templates in the organization, you are creating the certificates for, then you can use those templates. Otherwise, you can use the internet to search for templates online. If you are creating the documents on behalf of a highly specific institution such as the military, then you should find an easily customizable template online.

Refer to samples

ghdhgdd67jh4If you are new to creating these documents of appreciation, then you can refer to samples of these documents for inspiration. The best thing about samples is that they offer stepwise guidance and help when wording and formatting these certificates. As such, it becomes easy to produce a high-quality document of appreciation.

When drafting and creating Certificates of Appreciation, it is advisable to be creative and decisive so as to create a unique and high-quality document. For instance, you can use bold and italicized wording for the title and fine wording for the body to produce a pleasing arrangement.

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