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Tips For Making Dance Mat Typing Easier For Kids

Most kids are not quite skilled when it comes to touch typing, and one way of addressing this is to introduce them to dance mat typing. The latter is a method through which you can type without having to look at the keyboard. You just need to use your muscle memory that entails all the recognition of all the positions of the alphabets on the keyboard. This method helps you to spend less time changing all the misspelled words.

Tips For Making Dance Mat Typing Easier


The game has four different levels that will make it possible for you to charter your progress as the game continues. The stages build on the previous lessons, and new letters are introduced as you progress. The first stage entails getting to learn the home row keys.

You will also learn how to type e, I, r. In level 2 you will learn how to type six new keys that are on the home row, and they include letters t, y, w, o, q, and p. The third stage teaches on how to type the six keys below the home row. They include v, m, b, n, c as well as the comma. The final stage will teach you how type letters x and z. The user will also learn how to type capital letters as well as the full stop, apostrophe, and slash.


It is quite interactive especially with it’s adorable and colorful cartoon characters. The interactive part of the game makes it appealing to children and retains their attention every time they use it. The software is free to use as long as you have the internet. This means that anyone can access it to improve typing for their children.

It will argt66y7hyn5t6y7uulso let your children learn new things and use the keyboard to navigate the game. Unlike other games which require a mouse to navigate, will give the user the skills they need for typing out words and full sentences without looking at the keyboards.

You should always use the correct fingers for the letters. You should ensure that your wrists are resting on the desk as well. It is also advisable to rest and shake your arms and hands so as to relax the muscles whenever you get tired. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position This means that your back should be straight while your feet should be firmly on the ground.

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