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Enrolling your child in preschool

When it comes to your children, of course, you only want the best for them, that is why it is important to enroll them into a nursery or preschool. There is so much a child can get from early education. As parents, it is hard to trust anyone with your kids. You don’t want to just drop them off to a school with people you don’t know or trust.

In this article, we will go over a few things that you as a parent should look at before enrolling your child in nurseries in Winchmore Hill.


2This is the most important thing that you need to think about when enrolling your child in a preschool or nursery. You must make sure that the school is in a good and safe location. It should be clean and sanitized. Most school should have a licensed nurse on duty when the school is in operation. You should also check out the menu that they will be serving to your kids at lunch time and snacks as well.


If your child is under the age of 2, then they will introduce him to shapes and colors. If he is older, then he will start learning numbers, colors, and shapes. This will also help him get ready for kinder. He will already be used to a classroom setting. When you go to drop him off in kinder, he will already know how to make friends.

Some kids don’t get a chance to go to nursery or preschool, so when you drop him off for the first time, it will be scary to the child. For the last five years, your kid has only been around you, and now you are dropping him off; it is a whole new world for him.


3Most school will hire people that have a degree in teaching, and others will only have one person that has a degree, and the rest of the staff works as helpers. Preschools offer the children lunch and snacks, and so, they will have a cook and cooking staff. Some will even have a bus driver; this all depends on how big the school is and how many children attend the school. Most preschool will also have a nursery for the children that are under a year old.

The one thing you should ask is if the school does a background check on all of their staff.

Reasons you should have your child attend preschool

As a kid reaches the age of 2, he will start to explore things. He will become a lot more curious about the different things that he sees around him, and so, he begins to wonder. If you have a child in this stage, it is likely that you will hear him ask, “Mom, what is this? What is that? What is it for?” These are just some of the common questions that your little one will throw at you.

The most exciting part is the endless “Why’s”. Sometimes it could be tiring to answer back. But you have to be very patient. In fact, you have to be happy because your child is showing signs of his eagerness to learn. This is the time when you should consider having him attend preschool, which will help a lot in this crucial years.

With the help of excellent child care centers like The Muswellhill Pre School, your kid will be molded into a smart kid, and he will be prepared for kindergarten as well as grade school.

What can a preschool do for you and your child?

There are many good reasons why you should have your little one attend preschool. This stage will help not only your kid, but also you as a parent. The well-experienced teachers in the preschool will help you teach your kid the things that he needs to know. Plus, he will have loads of fun with other children his age.



A preschool plays a vital role in building every child’s foundation for learning. It is here when children learn to listen to their teachers, follow instructions, interact with other kids, as well as to focus on their tasks. All of which will teach a child how to become a good student.


In a preschool, your child will be able to see other kids and make friends with them. This will help improve their social skills. And also, as the preschool teachers pay attention to each of the students, the kids feel like they have found their second parents. They will feel at ease once you drop them off in the morning. No more tantrums. No more crying. This is because the kids know that they will be safe with their teachers and classmates while you are away.



Young children are curious about a lot of things, and the teachers will nurture this. They will explain different things to the kids – in a way that they can easily grasp.

4 benefits of taking your child to the best nursery school

Are you looking forward to enrolling your child in a nursery school? If yes, the decision on which school to settle for should not be taken lightly. A good nursery school like Wandsworth nursery school assures you of holistic development. Also, this child will catch up fast once enrolled in an elementary school. Therefore, if you want the best nursery school for our child, you ought to research widely before settling on one. Listed below are some of the main advantages of taking your child to a good nursery school.

It establishes the best learning foundation

A good nursery school should be well equipped and have qualified szdcASateachers. This is an assurance that your child will learn new concepts and skills that would influence in his or her future education positively. Also, in such a setup, children receive corrections and instructions that are meant to improve their performance in even the smallest of activities. In return, this translates to good performance. If you decide to take your school to a regular school, you risk not giving your child a good foundation.

Healthy social and emotional development

Social and emotional development are the most important aspects in child’s development. A good nursery school will help your child to nurture some of the elements that constitute this type of development. For instance, your child gets to interact with children from different cultures. Also, a good nursery school will give your child a platform of trying out new things and carrying out small bits of work without help. These among other activities, will ultimately, result to your child social and emotional development.

Sparking curiosity

sZDVCASedAs a child grows, they find many things around them interesting. This makes them curious to learn how these things operate. You will hear them asking many questions. If these issues and interests are not addressed, a child may not learn adequately. Thus, this necessitates the need of taking your child to a good nursery school.

Enhance development of motor skills

The more your child grows, the more he or she develops motor skills. However, if the child is not engaged in activities that harness the development of these skills. In a good preschool, children take part in various activities such as playing football, running or climbing and bead work. With the supervision of a qualified teacher, you can be sure that your child will develop motor skills every day.

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