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Welcome to LaDonna Marie Books!
 I am excited that you are here!
Writing poetry allows me to share my stories of personal and spiritual growth to the world. I hope you enjoy reading my poetry and that you share it with others.
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"Until Tomorrow Comes" in stores NOW!
LaDonna’s new book entitled “Until Tomorrow Comes"  is now available on Amazon. This new poetry book is based on individual growth and self-awareness. LaDonna's  poetry has the power to encourage and uplift those who read it. LaDonna's book was awarded the 2014 Paris  Book Festival Honorable Mention in Poetry. 2014 DJ Gatbsy Book Club Literary Award in Poetry.   #UTC  received a  Five Star Literary Book Review from Readers' Favorite and a  Four Star  Professional Literary Book Review from Red City Review. 

Have you ever had experiences or situations you wished would have worked out differently? Have you ever felt impatient…ready to be advanced, moved, or promoted to the next level in your life? Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought, “I think I deserve better?” Have you ever prayed for your faith in God to increase? Life happens to us all, and those experiences may or may not be positive. We all have questions that we ask in tough moments, stormy times, rocky relationship, etc. However, learning to cope and demonstrate positive behavior during bad times is a part of growth. My book, “Until Tomorrow Comes,” is a poetry book that discusses these issues and shows a journey of growth and awareness.  
Check out the  Book Trailer for "Until Tomorrow Comes" 
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